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Keto Meal v8.0 - Peri-Peri - 600 kcal

Keto Meal v8.0 - Peri-Peri - 600 kcal

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A traditional African Peri-Peri flavour that’s a little bit sweet, sour and slightly salty all at once. It comes from a combination of Apple, Lemon, Tomato, Smoked Paprika and Chilli.

Version 8 Keto Meals provide a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals whilst emphasising high-quality fats and limiting carbohydrates. Keto meals are perfect for those looking to support their health and performance whilst adhering to a low carb diet. With 400 and 600 calorie options, the Keto meal range can easily cater for individual needs and energy demands. Flavoured with all-natural herbs and spices, with no artificial ingredients. Ready in under 5 minutes, just add hot water, stir, and enjoy!

All Natural | Plant-based | Vegetarian | Gluten Free | Soy Free | Non-GMO

What’s inside a Keto meal:

Delicious Natural Ingredients:
Made with whole-food ingredients including real herbs and spices.

Up to 25g of Protein:
Including 10.3g of essential amino acids and 4.5g of BCAAs.

Slow Release Carbs:
Sustain energy with fatty acids, our Keto meals feature a Glycaemic Load of 0.1.

40+ Vitamins and Minerals:
Optimise your metabolic functions to improve health and performance.

High in Prebiotic Fibre:
16g of Fibre from 30+ natural plant ingredients.

Omega 3,6 & 9 from Plants
Sourced from ingredients including seeds and high-polyphenol extra virgin olive oil.

Everything your body needs to thrive:

Designed using Radix Nutrition Architecture™. Representing their comprehensive nutritional design. Focused on achieving 100% of the optimal daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals in a 2000kcal diet. Factoring in 80+ nutrients and whole-food ingredients.

Radix Nutrition goes above and beyond with their examination of the body’s metabolic needs and sets the standard for their fulfilment. With thousands of chemical reactions happening at any one time, your body is no simple machine. It demands a vast number of nutrients to function at its best. Radix Nutrition make getting these nutrients Simple.

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